My research interests:
  • Verification of Autonomous Systems. 
    • Specification and Verification of Multi-Agent Systems.
    • Verification of Neural Network Models.
    • Social Norms and Normative Multi-Agent Systems..
  • Game theoretical aspect of Autonomous Systems.
    • Strategic Reasoning with Equilibrium
  • General Game Playing and Learning.
    • Reasoning about Knowledge in GGP
    • GGP + Learning with Neural Network Models.
  • Reasoning about Social Networks.
    • Information Diffusion
    • Information Control and Censorship
  • Healthcare Information Systems and Virtual Reality.
  • Ethics and Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence.
If you are a highly-motivated student (especially at the graduate level) interested in the above areas, you are welcome to email me your CV / Résumé and a description of your interest. Students already at AUT should set up a meeting with me to discuss their research interests and background.

For PhD scholarship at AUT, please refer to AUT scholarship page