PhDs (Primary)
  • Alvaro Gunawan (from 2019) works on the synthesis of Logic and Neural Networks
    • Supported by the top AUT Vice Chancellor’s Doctoral Scholarships.
  • Peng Xia (from 2019) works to enhance healthcare with Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality
    • Supported by the top AUT Vice Chancellor’s Doctoral Scholarships.
PhDs (Secondary)
  • Olayinka Adeleye (from 2017) works on Evolving Complex Networks for Web of Services and Things Discovery
Masters (Primary)
  • Peng Xia (Graduated 2018)
    • Thesis: Enhancing Healthcare with Virtual Reality
  • Darrel Sadanand (Graduated 2017)
    • Thesis: Model Checking in General Game Playing : Automated Translation from GDL-II to MCK
Honours (Primary)

  • Alvaro Gunawan (Graduated 2018)
    • Dissertation: Model Checking the General Russian Cards Problem
  • Samantha Jay Cook (Graduated 2017)
    • Dissertation: Reasoning About Control and Power in Communication Networks